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Arcade Game
Arcade bike video games that are available here are widely demanded by game centers, shopping malls, game arcades and similar establishments. These arcade games electronically operate with coin based or card systems to access the game.
Toy Train
Let the kids sit and enjoy the beautiful views that surround the toy train area. These trains are well built and are not affected by the weather conditions. Amusement parks are the chief attractions that install these toy trains.
Kiddie Rides
From locally made to imported, all types of kiddie rides are available here. We are offering these rides for kids in different shapes, like pikachu, horse, snoopy dog, sunflower cup ride, carousel horse and others.
Water Games
With these attractive water games, no kids can ever get bored. These are the must-have attractions in the amusement parks and recreation centers. From paddle boats for kids, body zorb ball (big) to tear tear totter (banana ride) - a wide range is available here.
Skill Games
With the set of new skill games, the kids will not only enjoy their time but also develop their skills. These games are a treat for the kids who spend hours playing them and evidently boosting their motor skills and others.
Outdoor Games
From trampolines to pendulums, all types of outdoor games are available here. These are perfect for amusement parks and kids activity centers, where kids can enjoy their time with no scare of injury.
Interactive Games
We are offering different types of interactive games that are ideal for installation in game centers and amusement parks. These games are ideal for younger children, who spend their time playing the games along with using their brain.
Battery Operated Games
From the range of battery operated games, our customers can choose what suits their style. These are carefully designed to give the best riding experience that kids can enjoy to the fullest.
Stricking Car
It is our belief that by offering high-quality battery operated striking cars, we can provide the most pleasure for children and teenagers. These cars are durable and have a rubber covering which absorbs all the bumps.
Soft Play Station
The soft playstations are the new rage, especially in the large metropolitan cities. There are many play centers and indoor game centers that demand these playstations to entertain the kids optimally.

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